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I do think most people just keep others around for status, looks, sex, or some sort of material gain. For an INTP and ENTJ relationship to flourish, it is likely necessary that certain concessions be made for one another. ENTJs may need to curb some of their extraverted sensibilities for their introverted partner and be considerate of their need for space and freedom to do their own thing. Try not to force INTP to endure all the social activity that you take for granted.

The INTP place a high value on their relationships and friendships. Although they are not known for grandiose displays of affection, they put their creative energy into making their partner’s life better. When speaking in terms of the conventionally romantic, an INTP would not appear to be romantic. The INTP expresses love in simple ways, such as creating time for their partner and seeking ways to improve their partner’s life. When an INTP woman is in love, she will invite her significant other into her vividly creative world of thoughts and ideas. While not seeking validation, an INTP woman does want the respect of her partner.

Their energy and inspiration tends to arrive in bursts, which makes them less suited for a conventional, 9-5 desk job. They are often scatterbrained and absent-minded because of the millions of thought processes buzzing in their brains. Although they don’t usually take up leadership roles, they are not followers either. INTP women with their poor social skills and odd and specific interests can find it difficult to fit into society.

INTPs and INTJs both long for romantic partners with a cerebral, intuitive bent, so they can be an excellent match for each other. Since they’re fascinated by many of the same topics, conversation flows easily between the two of them. Neither of the personalities needs constant attention in a romantic relationship, and they allow each other plenty of freedom.

Maybe you find someone that initially feels like they check all those boxes but as we change throughout life – those needs also change. As those needs change, that special someone also has to change to meet them. Either we have to go without having those needs met, the other has to change to meet them, or the gap has to be filled somewhere else. ” there is a good chance you know an INFP or might be an INFP personality type.

Some strengths of INTP dating are as follows:

They may clash over differences in values, as INTP tends to be imaginative and idealistic where ISTP is strictly practical. Mainly, both want an intelligent and curious partner with a similar sense of propriety. INTP may nonetheless be irritated from time to time by the INTJ’s direct and goal-oriented character, which may be seen as trying to force them into unnecessary action.

How can INTP and ISTJ types resolve conflict?

When partners try too hard to control them, INTPs’ behavior may become shifty, passive-aggressive, and generally injurious to the relationship. If, on the other hand, INTPs are given the freedom to love on their own terms, they will respond with thoughtfulness, respect, and commitment. The more you avoid the temptation to reign them in or to make them feel guilty for being “selfish,” the more they will love and commit to you. While sometimes presenting as aloof or self-focused, INTPs often attract potential mates through their Extraverted Intuition and Extraverted Feeling . These functions contribute to their wittiness, personability, and sincerity, conferring a childlike innocence that others find refreshing. INTPs are often kind and considerate, wanting everyone to feel included and treated with respect .

To me, OP just comes of as slightly narcissistic for bloating about it so hard. The women he talks about are however probably just not his type. Acting like an uninterested asshole probably wouldn’t work on a high quality female. This “analysis paralysis” can affect multiple areas of Logicians’ lives. People with this personality type can overthink even the smallest of decisions.

ISFP types are motivated by…

People with an ENFP personality type tend to be energetic, adaptable, and inventive in their behavior. They like to think up new, creative ideas and love sharing them with other people. We looked at some struggles INTP Women face and some misconceptions about them.

Similarly, you feel more comfortable when things are left open-ended rather than set in stone. Being single and dating is confusing and frustrating these days. You know love is out there waiting for you, but you’re not sure where else to look. If you think your child’s preferences are different than yours, self-awareness will help you to change your communication and parenting style to better suit those preferences. As parents, INTPs are likely to feel stressed when their children behave illogically, throw tantrums, or otherwise cause extreme disturbances. Try to stay active in the discussion until you’re sure the conflict is resolved for everyone involved.