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At this park, you can also reach a viewing point to admire the magnificent sceneries of Islamabad from high above. If you come during winter, you may be able to spot monkeys. Sometimes cheetahs also like to make an appearance as they are going down from the higher hills. You might not find this spot on any maps or guide books, but it’s worth the trip here just for the view and the food. Enjoy the best Birthday decor with an exclusive deal just at Atrio!

The mature ladies are very close to their families and social circle and maintain a respectable image. They are perceived as the ideal women for the younger generation, and it is prohibited for them to engage in or speak about anything that is openly romantic or sexual. Their husbands and family members keep an eye on what they do, and some women are not even allowed to leave their houses without their husband’s permission. This is one of the main causes of lack of confidence in these women when it comes to a stranger approaching them.

Every night is a Qawali Night which continues till late midnight. Recently, they have arranged a creative exhibition where women from all over Pakistan were encouraged to showcase their art and handicrafts. Find your way to Fatima Jinnah Park if you are looking for a spot that allows you to take in beautiful views—along with a tranquil atmosphere that will calm your soul and mind. The public park was named after Fatima Jinnah, a sister of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

For shopping options, home furnishing, fashion items, electronics, jewelry, and watches are all available. The first reason to visit Pakistan National Council of Arts is that it is the first national art gallery in Pakistan. Having been opened to the public in 2007, the art institution features a total of 14 galleries that showcase art pieces produced by the local artists. In addition to art exhibitions, the place also regularly hosts events that include musical performances and dances. Another place of interest that you must not skip is Daman-e-Koh Park, which boasts an idyllic garden sitting on a hilltop—where you can indulge in a relaxed stroll.

1969 serves traditional Pakistani and Continental cuisine that is prepared with the highest care and attention to detail. 1969 is dedicated to providing tasty, wholesome, and hygienic food that has been cooked with care and enthusiasm for their customers. There are a variety of popular foods such as BBQ, nachos and fritters, hamburgers and sandwiches, handi, Dal Makhni, and many more.

As the name suggests, this park was built with the purpose to entertain children. Your kids can have fun playing in the playgrounds with the other children. There are also picnic spots and recreational areas throughout, where you can relax or have some snacks while watching the young ones run around. Since the majority of the people in Pakistan are Muslims, you will see a lot of mosques across the city.

Zefra’s Restaurant:

Crema is known for its bakery items and especially its cakes. Apart from amazing bakery items, Crema also offers Sandwiches, salads, and pasta, which can be a perfect fit for you with your tea. Esteemed guests at the Mindanos can enjoy a scrumptious hi-tea buffet at an economical price. It is served in two slots considering the high influx of diners they receive on a daily basis. The Special Lasagna and Singaporean Chowmein are divine treats you need to try for a fulfilling meal. With more than 30 items in their Hi-tea buffet and a full deal of desserts, you can never get enough of its taste.

You may want to forget about museums for a little while and spend time outdoors instead. If you wish to reconnect with nature in Islamabad, the place that you need to visit is Shah Allah Ditta Caves—which has existed for centuries. Shah Allah Ditta is actually an ancient village with numerous caves that are believed to be used by Buddhist monks for meditation. You can also find relics from the Buddhist period here. In addition to the caves, you can marvel at the view of the surrounding hills. They include a number of mega malls like The Centaurus Mall, which is located in central Islamabad and has a wide range of retail, entertaining and dining options.

Do let us know your views regarding our current selection of the best Hi-Tea places in Islamabad. Over a cup of tea, there are lots of other important things going on such as family get-togethers, hang out with friends, official meetings, and much more. People not just in Islamabad but in overall Pakistan prefer tea over coffee. This is the reason behind so many chai spots everywhere.

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This cost includes expenses related to food, accommodation, and travel. Islamabad is an inexpensive city, where you can find good accommodation, food, and traveling services at suitable prices. I worked at islamabad international airport officer as shift supervisor in pakistan state oil company…

Best places for a Date in Islamabad

Being attractive and courteous is a good method to draw in a Pakistani girl. Pakistani women have high standards and favour a man who has similar fashion preferences and maintains order. Additionally, they prefer a man who shares their interests and passions.

The ladies mostly look after their families and maintain social ties. Many females have turned towards entrepreneurship and are running their own business in their home country. These girls lead independent lifestyles and get support from their families. A Lot of girls in Pakistan are running successful businesses, and are often earning more than men. Another stereotype about the girls in Pakistan is that girls are home-bound and are not daring. The roads in Pakistan are often unsafe for females, due to the high amount of harassment they can potentially face.

In Yum Chinese and Thai, you can dine in with regality and enjoy the amazing and relaxing ambiance with your friends and family. Both indoor and outdoor dining is soothing with some of the very delicious meals. The Yum Chinese and Thai is located in the mesmerizing location of Islamabad. You can enjoy a whole 1.5 hours of Hi-Tea here and eat the scrumpalicious meal at such an eye-catching location. Serving moderate amount of food, in fancy and artistic style, the restaurant is pretty taste modifier in Islamabad. Wide range of steaks and sauces worthy of your every penny, but their luscious brownie and coffee is unavoidable!

Once you have initiated a conversation, steer it cunningly towards a more personal conversation where you can compliment the women subtly and try to impress them. Islamabad dating guide advises how to pick up Pakistani girls and how to hookup with local women in Islamabad. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date Pakistani women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Islamabad, Pakistan. The restaurant’s specialties and ambiance have earned it a 4.1-star rating on Google, which reflects the popularity of the establishment. Bar B.Q. Tonight’s menu only includes items that meet the restaurant’s strict hygienic standards.