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Scams and other nefarious acts are extremely common and online dating platforms aren’t safe either. Icy Cold Romance is a romantic comedy-drama depicting the sweet and salty reality romance of two men and women in their 30s who have no romance or flirting. Explores the tumultuous times of the 1970s and unveils how serial killer Rodney Alcala’s reign of terror spread from Los Angeles to New York. With an IQ of 160+, he would prey on young women and exploit them for his sadistic games. Covering a HUGE range of topics in the dating realm including REAL interviews about, SEX, LOVE, Marriage, Worthiness, One Night Stands, Swinging, Overall History on Dating, Psychology, Kinkiness, Sexuality, Gender etc.

Her breakthrough role was as Tai Frasier in Clueless , followed by supporting roles in independent films such as Freeway and Bongwater . She made her stage debut in a Broadway production of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge in 1997 before appearing as Daisy Randone in Girl, Interrupted and as Lisa Swenson in Drop Dead Gorgeous . In December 2008, Fonda was inducted into the California Hall of Fame, located at The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts. In November and December 2009, she received the National German Sustainability Award and New York Women’s Agenda Lifetime Achievement Award.

But these decisions expose their innate biases and fears, as well as how dating apps have come to shape the way we think about love. In many respects, this argument is persuasive; in interviews with dating-app users in Austin, New York City, California, and the Midwest, women complain of being inundated with dick pics and requests for nudes. One girls tears up thinking about the pressure to present herself as beautiful and perky on social media and in her dating-profile pictures. Black women in a small, mostly white town complain that they routinely have a hard time getting matches, part of a demonstrated pattern of racial bias in dating apps. Surviving Death, a docuseries directed by Ricki Stern based on a book by Leslie Kean, examines different ways people have experienced the idea that death isn’t the end of life. Assisted suicide, sometimes known as death with dignity, provides the main focus of How to Die in Oregon.

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Viewing end of life documentaries provide comfort and encouragement by knowing that other share the pain of losing a loved one. In this short documentary, Debbie Savigliano retells the tragedy of her niece’s death. When a car accident took Bianca’s life, Debbie’s world changed. Debbie started a nonprofit called Bianca’s Kids to help needy and foster children. Bianca’s Kids feeds the soul of those who contribute as well as those who benefit.

Within the first week of its release, the movie based on a real-life con artist not only peaked in the top 10 in approximately 92 countries worldwide but also became the first documentary to have topped the platform’s global most-watched list. The documentary focuses on the teens and twentysomethings who discuss, in intimate detail, their experiences with online dating, the only type of dating many have ever known. Sales follows six young people of diverse backgrounds–ranging in age from 18 to 29 and living in New York, Austin, Plainfield, Ill., and Santa Cruz, Calif.–as they try to find love and sex with the help, or hindrance, of online dating. Ultimately, Searchers is a film about the psychology behind each decision on a dating app. While you watch a woman agonize over the first message to send someone, you’ll realize this is a difficult process for everyone. When you see the 70-something man grumble that “being on Match is a job,” you’ll remember there are other challenges like age, time and expectations you might not have considered.

At another point during our conversation, she scrolls through the text messages of one of her more well-known exes, the political Twitch streamer Hasan Piker. This was maybe the only one of Griffith’s relationships visible online, and although they don’t talk anymore, she says he’s partly responsible for why she got Opal—she loved spending time with his dog so much that she wanted a canine companion of her own. For the most part she believes exes can still be in each other’s lives, although it takes hard work and care. “It’d be such a shame to not have someone in your life after they were so important to you, just because you aren’t romantic anymore,” she says.

The next day, patient Floella Brown, in for a cervical fusion, ended up brain dead after her vertebral artery was damaged during the procedure, after which Duntsch went incommunicado and no one could reach him for 90 minutes. Brown suffered a stroke and was transferred to UT Southwestern Medical Center, where she died, according to Texas Medical Board records. Before deciding whether or not to take on the role, Jackson explained, he listened to the Wondery podcastDr. Joshua Jackson went to the dark side to play Dr. Christopher Duntsch, who’s serving a life sentence for maiming a woman during surgery, in the new Peacock series Dr. Death. “The Phantom,” a documentary from Patrick Forbes, examines a case that in recent years has been cited as an example of a likely wrongful conviction that ended in the death penalty.

One revelation that we see him make in the early part of the documentary is that travel shows could be just as cinematic as his favorite films, finding inspiration in Apocalypse Now for his episode about the Mekong River. For the next hour and a half, Kirsten shows us just why his loss is such an unbearable notion. Dick climbs into a coffin and plays dead at his own fake funeral in one scene, and tearfully reminisces about his late wife in another.

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I briefly felt bitter because I never had the chance to say goodbye to my dad, but it was fleeting, because in a strange way,Dick Johnson is Deadallowed me to imagine all the ways I might have bid my father farewell, and helped me to reframe what death and loss mean. It reminded me of how powerful love can be, of what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve and celebrate people even when it hurts, and how much time we waste when we avoid talking about and facing death. In the film’s final scene, as Kirsten records herself speaking different variations of “Dick Johnson is dead” and eventually exits a closet to hug her still-living father, I found myself once again unable to complete many full breaths.

News media in the United States predominantly provided a U.S. viewpoint, and American travelers to North Vietnam were routinely harassed upon their return home. Fonda also visited Vietnam, traveling to Hanoi in July 1972 to witness firsthand the bombing damage to the dikes. After touring and photographing dike systems in North Vietnam, she said the United States had been intentionally targeting the dike system along the Red River. Columnist Joseph Kraft, who was also touring North Vietnam, said he believed the damage to the dikes was incidental and was being used as propaganda by Hanoi, and that, if the U.S. Air Force were «truly going after the dikes, it would do so in a methodical, not a harum-scarum way». Sweden’s ambassador to Vietnam, however, observed the bomb damage to the dikes and described it as «methodic».

Death in Texas starts with a misguided and clunky voiceover of protagonist Billy Walker waxing philosophical about the gray areas between black and white and how sometimes good people find themselves on a path of righteous evil. Now, the line between right and wrong is always a fascinating area of exploration, but it takes someone with more fidelity and thoughtfulness than writer/director Scott Windhauser to give the story weight and these characters depth. It’s clear from the beginning that the palliative care center’s objective is to soothe its patients. Most residents have come to terms with their illness and what’s happening to them. But the sometimes unbearable pains that accompany cancer don’t quit just because someone is aware of their impending mortality.

Green burials provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to a typical cemetery. Even celebration of life ceremonies rather than the traditional funeral remembers a loved one differently. Alternate Endings looks at six non-traditional ways of death and dying including space burials, coral reef burials and death with dignity. A book made into a feature-length film, Heaven Is for Real is the true story of a four-year-old son of a pastor who, during an emergency surgery, slipped from a conscience state to a state that he can only describe as heaven. His survival story recounts being able to see doctors operating and his father praying. Told by the father, but often in the boy’s own words, the story has a simple message that is still likely to rattle the mind and the heart.

Conversations about death and dying are sensitive and uncomfortable, almost regardless of the time or the culture. The documentary, Passing Onproduced by the Arizona Public Media, explores the end of life through a series of stories about real people and touching situations. The film emphasizes that everyone may address the idea of death differently, but that it is one of the few things that everyone has in common.

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Before he was travelling around Europe pretending to be a millionaire playboy, Simon was Shimon, the son of an Orthodox rabbi from a small town near Tel Aviv. His father was a well respected member of the community, the chief rabbi of El Al Airlines for 15 years, with religious connections around the world. In this episode, Felicity talks to an Israeli police officer who has been on Simon’s tail since 2011, and describes his earliest cons, when he was working as a babysitter. And then we meet Rabbi Badush from Brooklyn, whose chilling story will make you wonder if the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree.