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Where the gap emerged was among liberals – with black liberals believing Simpson was innocent while white liberals thought he was guilty. A historic drop in diversity in the University of California followed which led to a similar lack of diversity seen in the state’s White-collar job market, particularly the High tech area of Silicon Valley. Opponents then tried to pass Proposition 54 to effectively conceal the impact of prop 209 but voters rejected that measure. The murder of George Floyd revived empathy for racial injustice among white liberals but the unsuccessful attempt to repeal prop 209 in 2020 is credited to the trial’s legacy of undermining race relations. In closing arguments, Darden ridiculed the notion that police officers might have wanted to frame Simpson.

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«The women,» he says, «were more interested in men their own age or older.» But what about the notion that men are «hard-wired» to seek a smooth-faced, curvy receptacle for reproduction and thus are drawn to younger women? «Humans are relatively flexible species,» Michael R. Cunningham, Ph.D., a psychologist in the department of communications at the University of Louisville, tells WebMD.

Prosecution case

They noted that several officers had already combed over the crime scene for almost two hours before Fuhrman arrived and none had noticed a second glove at the scene. Lange testified that 14 other officers were there when Fuhrman arrived and all said there was only one glove at the crime scene. Lt. Frank Spangler also testified that he was with Fuhrman for the duration of his time there and stated he would have seen Fuhrman purloin the glove if he had in fact done so. Clark added that Fuhrman did not know whether Simpson had an alibi, if there were any witnesses to the murders, whose blood was on the glove, that the Bronco belonged to Simpson, or whether Kaelin had already searched the area where the glove was found. The prosecution planned to present 62 separate incidents of domestic violence, including three previously unknown incidents Brown had documented in several letters she had written and placed in a bank safety deposit box.

The physical evidence did not change but additional evidence of domestic violence was presented as well as 31 pre-1994 photos of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes, including one that was published 6 months before the murders, proving it could not be a forgery. Results from a polygraph test that Simpson denied taking showed «extreme deception» when he denied committing the murders. Fuhrman did not testify but Simpson did on his own behalf and lied several times. Scholarly consensus is that the trial damaged race relations in America and point to polling which shows that belief in Simpson’s guilt depended on the race of the individual and not on the evidence against him. Analysis of the «racial gap» in polling shows that it did not cross the political spectrum. Conservatives regardless of race or gender thought Simpson was guilty.

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She had stayed for several days at Brown’s condo until entering rehab four days before the killings. Ito ruled that the drug killer theory was «highly speculative» with no evidence to support it. Consequently, Ito barred the jury from hearing it and prohibited Christian Reichardt from testifying about his former girlfriend Resnick’s drug problems.

I just wasn’t clear about what I wanted from any of those relationships”. “I learned that I’m way more capable than I thought. It was a really, really bad relationship that I was in for a long time. He had me convinced that I am useless and helpless without him. It’s been just a little over a year, this entire process has been nuts. A lot of things have happened, life is not easy, but I take care of everything that I need to.

Simpson was running late but caught his flight. A passenger on the plane and the pilot testified to not noticing any cuts or wounds on Simpson’s hands. A broken glass, a note with a telephone number on it, and bedsheets with blood on them were all recovered from Simpson’s room at the O’Hare Plaza Hotel. The manager of the hotel recalled Simpson asking for a Band-Aid for his finger at the front desk, because he had «cut it on pieces of note paper». The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson was a criminal trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court starting in 1994, in which O.

Nevertheless, it has generated much controversy among pro-abortion rights advocates who view it as a potential step in the direction of banning abortion. On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overruled both Roe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in the Dobbs case on originalist grounds that a right to abortion cannot be found in the U.S. John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the United States, concurred in the decision to uphold the law at question as constitutional, by a 6–3 vote, and did not support overrulling both Roe and Casey. This enabled trigger laws, which had been passed in 13 states, to effectively ban abortions in those states. In the late 1960s, a number of organizations were formed to mobilize opinion both against and for the legalization of abortion. In 1966, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops assigned Monsignor James T. McHugh to document efforts to reform abortion laws, and anti-abortion groups began forming in various states in 1967.

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