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He just happened to sign onto Dating Around through a friend of a friend and thought it could be a fun project. The whole time we filmed I was thinking, God, this guy is so serious. I can’t even crack a joke with him or anything. Yet there was something super familiar about him, I felt like I knew him the more we spent time together working even though we weren’t exchanging any words except professional ones.

I’m glad she didn’t pick anyone, and, in general, that the series had an episode without forcing everyone into a second date. Gurki didn’t really vibe with anyone, and I’m glad she didn’t lead on either of the “nice guys” with a second date for the sake of the show/format. He was so closed-minded and immature about relationships. Sometimes you have doubts, and he was totally unaccepting of it. I saw a lot of red flags from that guy throughout the whole thing. She was really bad representative of Indian marriage.

For those who haven’t seen it, «Dating Around» is Netflix’s attempt at a reality dating show that spans cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and ages. Each episode, someone is matched with 5 blind dates. «These are 100 percent REAL people going on 100 percent REAL blind dates,» she wrote on the platform. The support she’s received from viewers now that the episode’s aired has been reassuring for Gurki, and revisiting her experience with Justin has helped heal wounds that existed even before the show. She had to cut out all of the negative energy in order to move on.

Adolphus is also helping Basra plan her next step, professionally. After losing her job in the fashion industry as result of the coronavirus pandemic, Basra is now launching her own brand. It was only when Basra moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019 that their relationship became serious. After quarantining together in March, they decided to make the situation permanent, and move in together. “We need to be each other’s release, right? Like life is hard, trying to stay sane in this crazy time.

Hung out with my friends, went hard on work, just all that good stuff that makes you feel good as a human being. Then, just being okay with the idea of not having a guy. His parents, my parents, family, even friends that . I actually dated someone shortly after my divorce.

Episode Two: Gurki

It seems the over-50 crowd from episode four is less eager to join the conversation on social media, aside from fashion queen, Lauren, who recently posted a photo of Karl Lagerfeld spritzing her with perfume. Of all the singletons in Netflix series Dating Around, audiences have found a woman to truly inspire them in star of episode 2, Gurki. The gorgeous Indian single known as Gurki Basra took to Instagram to share her experience on the Netflix show. And she managed to set the record straight on whether the dating show is even a little bit staged. Most series that deliver on riveting dating drama are at least partly manipulated by the people behind the cameras. But according to the show’s executive producer Alycia Rossiter, who also worked on The Bachelor for 11 years, Dating Around is as real as it gets.

Spoilers ahead for Dating Around Season 1, Episode 2. First dates can be incredibly intimidating, but agreeing to be on camera for one is even worse. Each episode of Netflix’s Dating Around features someone on five different first dates, after which they choose one person to go out with again — well, most of the time. Gurki from Dating Around Episode 2 decides not to keep seeing anyone, and while this is radical for a reality show about relationships, it may have something to do with one of her dates. The more I got to know about him, the more I fell in love.

In perfect Netflix calibration, Dating Around gave thirsty, horny television types some excellent post–Valentine’s Day content. The six episodes are a breeze to go through, and offer a fascinating anthropological look at how other people date. So in that horny anthropological spirit, we decided to dust off our favorite middle-school game and play “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with the contestants on each episode. This past year has been the most challenging of my life on many fronts, not just romantic. I find myself two years after Dating Around going from having my face on a Time Square billboard and having a career that most would kill for to living off unemployment and probably moving back home to Texas . One of my best friends died recently,and it has me questioning my purpose in life.

Dating Around turns reality dating on its head.

And while she may have had some chemistry with Manny, he’s nine years younger than her, has a daughter, and tells her that he wants to have more children. Gurki says she isn’t sure if she wants to have a family at this point in her life, so perhaps she decided they didn’t have the same priorities, or maybe she just wasn’t feeling it in the end. It should have been obvious that he was trouble as soon as he ordered a Miller High Life and referred to cats as «the Adultspace is free devil,» and the date goes downhill from there. He says things like, «Rosé all day,» and describes his dream as being onstage every night with a guitar, despite not knowing how to play. But things really take a turn for the worst when Gurki explains that she’s a divorcée. Basra is looking forward to their future together, which certainly holds many more photoshoot dates, camping trips, and quality time Adolphus’s 10-year-old—the star of his Instagram page.

I don’t even remember what he said when he came up to me because I was still processing everything. It was probably something like, “I’m James, I’m the director. Here’s how this is going to go.» I remember him walking away, and me thinking, I have no idea what he just said, but he’s really cute. I felt an immediate attraction to him. Gurki Basra worked for 15 years as a retail and fashion strategy expert, managing the businesses of over 50 brands across a wide variety of categories to great success. In 2019, Basra was featured on the Netflix show Dating Around, a spur-of-the-moment audition decision which she hoped would portray a happily divorced woman in her 30s.

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