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Now, there are reports stating that Jana and Stephen may have split, especially after the recent family trip of the Wissmann. In August 2019, Jana hinted her Mr. Right might be “riding in on a green turtle instead of a white horse,” shortly after Lawson posted a photo with a turtle. One month before that, fans noticed that the Bringing Up Bates star and pilot had been traveling to Arkansas quite often.

This caption reads like a middle schooler updating everyone on their 2nd date

However, after they tied the knot she appears to have given up her career to focus on their family and home. When she isn’t writing with her sisters, Jana does church work. She went on her first mission trip to Michigan in 2012. Jim Bob Duggar, 52, is actually a commercial and residential real estate agent. Together with Michelle, he buys run-down houses and fixes them up before flipping them for a profit.

Jessa recalls being a very willful and independent child. Jessa Duggar details how she and her older sister Jana often butted heads. Jessa would kick Jana’s bed at night because they were crammed into a bunk. Thankfully she now has much more space to relax as an adult.

And it’s just a beautiful thing to be able to share that with the public. And hopefully, other people can see, this is who Jinger is. So just them seeing that side of my life, that even though I’ve walked through all of these challenges, I came out on the other side stronger because of what I’ve walked through.

Jim Bob Duggar SLAMMED For Tagging Along On Jana’s ‘Girls Trip’ To Las Vegas

In the wake of Josh’s arrest, TLC announced that it was canceling the family’s reality show, Counting On. Though Josh has never appeared on Counting On, critics argued that Jim Bob was making a lot of money on the show — some of which he has likely put toward Josh’s legal feels. Anna had announced that she was pregnant with the couple’s seventh child shortly before his arrest, and she may have already given birth.

Jana Duggaris famous for her time on19 Kids and Countingand its now-canceled spinoffCounting On, but she has made headlines this year for her dating life. She was rumored to be dating pilotStephen Wissmanin early 2021. However, the romance appeared to have fizzled out by September.

A source who attended the meeting offered details toWithout a Crystal Ball. As Austin talked about the plans for the RV park, he was allegedly “heckled” by some of the neighbors who didn’t agree with the plans. Apparently, it didn’t go well and he wasn’t truly prepared. Before they tied the knot in 2014, Jessa and Ben Seewald would often sneak away for nightly phone calls — privately — while their relationship blossomed. Growing up, the Duggars weren’t allowed to listen to secular music or dance in the house.

Jana and Stephen Seemingly Broke Up in September

Scroll down for a closer look at her rumored love interests. She is simply focusing on her career and devoting more time to herself. As parents, you make what you think at that time are the best decisions for your children. I love my parents, and even though we have differences I’ve sought to share those with them along the way. According to The Sun, a Tumblr user posted a photo of Jana, 31, next to Stephen, 27, during his family’s Christmas celebration.

When Jessa was a small child, her “Nana,” Ruth Anita Anderson, began teaching her and her siblings the piano. Jessa has been spotted playing the harp as an adult, though it’s unclear when she first picked up the instrument. The Duggars are apparently not allowed to dance because dancing to a beat can be sensual and tempting to others.

All of her alleged relationships have been nothing more than rumors and speculation. As far as Duggar fans are aware, Jana Duggar has never really courted with anyone. There are a lot of rumors that Jana still lives at home because she isn’t interested in men. Furthermore, fans suspected she has a best friend who was more than just a friend. These rumors also alleged that Jim Bob Duggar did what he could to keep Jana away from her rumored girlfriend.

Katie Joy seems to think that Jim Bob Duggar sent Austin to this meeting on his behalf. It’s unclear what’s really going on, but some Duggar fans are sensing something suspicious about this situation. In anotherInstagrampost, Katie Joy explained what happened when Austin attended a planning board hearing regarding rezoning in the area.