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Their fourth album then became the most successful of all their albums being in no.2 in the Billboard 200. This success made Brendon increase in fame and his versatility as a singer was noted highly. The band finally got to their peak through the release of ‘Death of a Bachelor’ which recorded much success by reaching the first ranking and many sales.

At the Disco started as a pop-rock band in 2004 and later turned into Brendon Urie’s solo project. At The Disco’s debut 2005 album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, is what first catapulted the band to fame, with lead singer Brendon Urie as the charismatic, quirky face of the group. Now, despite having other touring members, Panic! Who, it turns out, has been a Swiftie for a while.

At the Disco has only become more successful since Urie’s been solo, charting number one albums in 2016 and 2018, per Billboard. Sarah Urie, née Orzechowski, is Brendon Urie’s wife; they met during one of his gigs. Though Sarah was at the concert with a friend, she was actually with someone else at the time. She was the «most gorgeous creature» he’d ever seen, according to Brendon. The two spent time getting to know one another.

Brendon Urie’s Wife: Everything To Know About The Singer’s Marriage To Sarah

Fortunately for fans, Sarah isn’t hesitant to share her life with Brendon on social media, so fans can keep up with them… There’s also Urie’s Twitch stream to keep fans satiated until his next Panic! Before he shared a duet with Taylor Swift, a lot of people probably recognized Brendon Urie far better as part of Panic! But his solo venture helped him stand out, and fans developed a new fascination with the pop-rock singer turned Twitch streamer. Sarah Urie currently has 830,000 followers on Instagram, even though she only has 12 posts on her feed (her rock star husband has 4.3 million). Her friend’s husband used to tour with the pop-punk band Paramore, which Sarah called her “favorite” band, in a previous Instagram Live, and she used to regularly attend concerts.

Sarah was in a relationship when she first met Urie

Brendon got engaged in the year 2011 to Sarah Orzechowski whom they then got married in the year 2013. Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski Announce Their Engagement» Archived December 9, 2012, at Buzznet. September 19, 2011. Urie has cited Frank Sinatra, Queen, David Bowie, and Tom DeLonge as his biggest influences. He also cited Taylor Swift as his influence as a songwriter.

As of 2023, Brendon Urie has a net worth of $12 million. Under his guidance, the band has released six successful albums. Brendon’s wife, Sarah Urie, has inspired some of his songs. This piece will look at Sarah’s relationship with Urie, her sexuality, her impact on Urie’s career, and her plans for the future alongside her husband.

How did Brendon & Sarah meet?

At the Disco has released seven studio albums, as well as a number of live and compilation albums. Eight of these have charted on the Billboard 200, and the band has had 15 songs land in the Top 100, including their first single «I Write Sins Not Tragedies,» «Hey Look Ma, I Made It,» and «High Hopes.» Panic! At the Disco also at one point broke multiple arena merchandise records abroad. At the Disco — literally, the band is now a solo project — and his fame has never been hotter.

He is of about one quarter Polynesian descent from Hawaii, through his mother’s side. He was raised in an LDS family, but left the faith around 17 due to displeasure with the church and not believing in its ideology. Urie attended Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, where he met future Panic!

Urie had a number of challenges to meet when he signed on for the role, including donning those infamous red high-heeled boots. Memorizing lines and perfecting a British accent were other new tasks for Urie, per Interview. Though he was excited, the magnitude of the situation nearly caused him to back out at the last minute. «That was the most terrified I’ve ever been. I was so scared. The day before I almost cancelled,» he confessed to Entertainment Weekly. «I called my manager and I was like, Dude, I’m having anxiety attacks, and literally I can’t breathe. He talked me off the ledge a little bit… and then I got off the phone and I started meditating a little.»

Because Urie’s home has a studio in it, he is even able to record music in the buff. He has confessed that much of his 2016 album, «Death of a Bachelor,» was made while he was nude, simply because if he is home, he is probably naked. «I have a studio at my house with a pool right next to it, and it’s fairly private. Nobody can really look into my backyard,» he told GQ in 2018. At the Disco, everyone was impressed by Brendon’s wonderful vocals which made him become the lead singer of the band. What followed next is that he sang for the five studio albums produced by the band in the period of 2005 to 2016. The first album by the band was known as A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out which they released in the year 2005.

Various interviews have resulted in interesting Urie quotes, including ones like «everyone’s a little gay.» That quote came from a Tweet of Brendon’s, but he later clarified his thoughts. Some fans might have been struck with the misconception that Brendon Urie is actually gay. In the past, Brendon has said that before getting married to Sarah, he previously dated (well, he actually said ‘experimented with’) men.

They met while Brendon was on a musical tour. Sarah approached Brendon with the help of a friend who was a big fan of his. Brendon was blown away by her beauty and fell head over heels for her the moment he laid eyes on her. ”, Taylor Swift decided to share the spotlight in her new, highly-anticipated single. Featured in her rainbow-drenched new song “ME! It was here that he befriended a young bassist by the name of Brent Wilson, who was already a part of a band.

«Sometimes a journey must end for a new one to begin. We’ve been trying to keep it to ourselves, though some of you may have heard.. Sarah and I are expecting a baby very soon!» the singer wrote. She also employs social media for professional purposes. On Instagram, Sarah sells organic and fragrant soaps and body cleansers. Sarah once shared a picture of a gift she received from her friend and nail artist, Sarah Bland. She is married to her long-term boyfriend, Brendon Urie.